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Follow Your Own Road

I view life as a road. Each and every one of us are on a road. Our roads travel great distances, sometimes straight, sometimes curvy. At times our roads go through the mountains and it seems like our heads are in the clouds, and other times our roads dip low into the valleys.

There are dry patches, and wet patches... muddy ones too. Our roads cross other roads, that is our lives cross others lives. Sometimes our roads parallel other roads. Often time these people we spend long periods with become our friends, our neighbors, our lovers. Then suddenly our road (or theirs) will curve away from ours.

This is not to be viewed as a bad thing. It simply is what it is. We each have our own life to lead and one will never be exactly identical to another. When the path of a friend or loved one veers off in a direction away from our own, we need to remember this and be happy for that person and for ourselves. We need to celebrate this diversity and be joyous that we will get to experience something not exactly the same as the next person.

Besides, there is always a chance that our roads will come together again further on down.

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