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Live Outside Your Box

When we put aside the truths we hold close, sometimes the same truths come back and are reaffirmed to us. Sometimes it opens the door for something entirely different to enter and in that moment we grow as a human being.

We all come at life with our own baggage. That baggage is the sum total of all our experiences to date. It's what gives us wisdom, what guides us when we are unsure, what creates the framework for our values and our beliefs. When something presents itself for us to act on, our past experiences guide us to make a decision about this new thing. Sometimes that decision achieves that which we set out to achieve and sometimes it does not. Almost in all cases however, the decision that we made at that moment was one that we judged as the "right" one based on the experience and baggage of our past.

Our goal then is not to judge things as right or wrong, because that is merely opinion based on previous experience. But to be willing to lay down our baggage and experience something without parameters. Step outside our own box, step outside ourselves and find the greater truth. All scientists learn to do this... to take all that they "know" about the world through their experiences and teachings and set it aside to let new information come in. Such a way of looking at the world is how we have all the marvelous things we do today... someone out there put aside what they "knew" and accepted something "new" instead.

My goal today is to step outside my own box. To appreciate the richness of my baggage, but to leave it home and let something new and possibly unexpected in.

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