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Moving Back into Purpose

My life has always been about finding truth and sharing love and making the world a better place. For the most part I'm pretty good at those things. The last two to three years, I've been struggling a bit though.

I've lost my focus on what I desire to do and I've felt myself pulled into negativity and sadness. This is not who I am and so every moment in this place drains me and makes me feel like everything is wrong.

I've had an epiphany today. Everything IS wrong. When I take a breath, close my eyes, picture life as I want it to be.... everything changes. That breath of negative emotion leaves my body, a smile comes to my face and I remember that I'm here to share the positive things in our world and beyond.

Here are some messages of hope I'd like to share with you in no particular order...

♡ You and I are part of a greater whole.

彡 We can't mess this process up. It may take a while, but we'll get there.

♡ Music feels good.

彡 Hating another only empowers them over you. The only way to truly conquer someone who you have such strong negative feelings for is to forgive them, forgive yourself and then release any thought of them from your mind.

♡ The best things in life are always free. Truth ~ Trust ~ Faith ~ Hope ~ Kindness ~ Love

彡 Things usually have to get worse before they can get better.

♡ Things can always get better.

On a very personal level, I have allowed myself to become surrounded with worry, anger, loss, doubt, self-pity. When I'm in this place, my face is sad, my shoulders are hunched over... I feel and look like I've been defeated and have nothing left to give. But in that very lowest moment, I can remember how it's supposed to be.

We're meant to be happy and to feel fulfilled. Not by the actions or non-actions of others or of circumstance, but by putting faith in the bigger picture and letting go of struggle. By consciously drawing a line and saying to yourself that you don't have to feel bad about a situation, telling yourself that you can let the worry go and you'll still be okay. You'll still be alive. You'll even be happy to be alive... that little gift is one you can give to yourself any time, in any circumstance and in that moment the world around you no longer has power over you.

You can smile and laugh in the face of the seemingly worst moments of your life and you'll always find that no matter what the circumstance was, by making a move to a more positive outlook the situation will be a little more bearable. Do this enough and your experiences will become outright delightful and an act as simple as taking a breath will fill you with so much positive energy that you won't be able to stop smiling.

Just by writing this out, I've brought myself from a very negative place, to one of such complete joy and love that I've enabled myself to release the negative stuff I was holding onto. May you be able to find a peace and a place of love too.

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