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My Friend Matt

"You never write about me," he says to me at 3:51 AM. Well I suppose it's true... for the most part I write about more philosophical topics.... but truth be told many of my posts were inspired from conversations I've had with my friend Matt.

Matt is my best friend, he's the person who continuously challenges me and makes me think about things. Sometimes I think he takes up an opposite opinion just for the sake of taking an opposite opinion.

Some things to know about Matt... He's got a near-photographic memory that sometimes makes me nuts. We'll be having a conversation and he'll pop in something I said two years ago word for word and I'll often tell him he's full of it, but really I'm amazed because most of the time he's right. This leads to another of his traits though..... he thinks he's always right. Just so you know Matt.... you're not always right. This is okay though because a lot of the time he is right and when he's not, it's fun to debate with him.

Matt knows that I love him and think the world of him, but he says he doesn't really believe in love. That's a bunch of poppycock Matt. Love is the act of giving, sharing, expanding, helping, accepting, appreciating and being patient. And you show that you are a loving person in your friendship with me. You are patient with me when I'm having a bad day. You encourage me just when I need it. You share your dreams with me. You accept me when I fall asleep on the phone. You share your life experiences with me. There are so many loving qualities you possess and share with me. You may not think this is love, but these are the acts of love and the acts of a true friend.

Now the entire world knows that you are special to me for good reason. I'm so happy to have you in my life and I can't imagine what the world would be like if I hadn't stopped in my tracks all those years ago and said to you, "I'm not trying to recruit you or anything but it would be so cool if your name were Prot Prot." Yes.. online gaming reference here. I met Matt originally in an mmorpg... hey even philosophical people can be gamer girls.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas. Est Tsarthai en Paranaith.

"My honor is my life. My companions are your friends."

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