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My Headache Remedy

I'm the sort of person that would rather find a natural cure for something over a chemical one whenever possible. This remedy is the thing that probably more than anything planted that mind-set into me. When I was 13, one particular day I had a pounding headache but there was nothing in the medicine cabinet. So I sat in the bathroom trying to find another way to get rid of my headache and ease the suffering. What I came up with was a remedy that has served me for more than 22 years now.

Since that day I've only taken medicine for a headache one time. All other headaches I've experienced in my life have been knocked out with my remedy which I'm about to share with you. The most important element for success using this process is a firm belief that it will work. If you don't truly believe in your mind that it's going to work then it never will. However I have taught this remedy to many of my friends and everyone who has seriously tried it has had success.

First of all find a place where you can be undisturbed for about 10 minutes. Close your eyes and think about where exactly the pain in your head is located at. (behind your eyes, front of your head, back of your head... wherever it is) Then lightly place your fingers around the edges of the painful area. Now visualize the pain and using your fingers and your mind, slowly push the pain toward your eye sockets. (you can direct your pain toward your ear or any other opening in your body too depending where the pain is located) Just quietly sit there and using your fingertips, guide the pain toward this opening.

I can literally feel the pain from the headache move about as my mind and fingers push it. When it is just behind the eyes, open your eyes and again using your mind and your fingertips, force the headache out of your eye sockets, releasing it into the air. Do this until you get every last bit pushed out of your body.

After doing this, I always have a dull ache behind my eyes that lasts for a few minutes, but it is always much softer and more bearable than the original headache and it fades completely within a short time. Now the headache is completely gone, set free into the universe and the rest of the day can continue pain free.

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