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Our Perfect World

On October 25, 2011 I woke around 3:00 AM and had an urgent desire to write down some thoughts. When I read it the next day I thought it had some good ideas within it and that maybe I'd refine it at some point and share it. I've decided instead to present it here in it's raw format, just as I wrote it that early October morning.

There are ideas within that perhaps I will expand upon at a later date, but for now I hope the world can open up to these thoughts and embrace the messages of Change, Tolerance and Harmony that our whole world needs.

Change what is not working.

Why do our Congress and Senate hold sessions where people get up and talk, yet no one is listening? Why do people vote by party lines? Why the lack of personal decision?

We need smaller groups with equal representation. Include civilians in meetings, each group can come to a consensus and speak to the larger body. Everyone present pays full attention to those speaking and contributes.

Abolish parties and sides in politics. The side is that of the people... ALL people. The goal is to find win-win situations so that all have a good or reasonable outcome.

No citizen left behind.

Food -- Clothing -- Shelter -- Medical Care -- Heat

Basic human rights for every being of every race, every country, every faith.

Just because you have always done something a certain way... if it no longer works as intended, change it. Change procedure, protect every being. We are all sacred and have something to offer.

Embrace truth and full disclosure. Secrets have no place in politics or anywhere in life. Life is about experience and choice. Make a choice and own it --Good or bad. If there are no secrets, there is communication and if there is communication... honesty... there is trust and there is always a way to come to a reasonable agreement about things.

With no secrets, there would be few rules needed anywhere. Instead there would be agreement, respect, concern for one another.

Our planet should no longer be divided. We are here together. Every part of our planet has something wonderful about it, something useful. If we coordinate, we can share among ourselves and enjoy the entire planet as a unified civilization. There is plenty for everyone. We can all be fed, all be warm, all be educated about things that interest us. We can all find bliss... comfort... support... love.

Let our emotions be our guides. Good feelings move us toward our true desires, our goals for our lifetime. Negative feelings indicate we are headed away from our desires. Let us use this to our advantage and teach our children love and respect by teaching them to follow their emotions.

Let us make conscious choices and actions based on in-the-moment events instead of reactions learned by previous experience or bias of our mentors.

Let us remember the past and expect a great future, but live in the now because really, there is only now... always it is right now.

Let us value every being, every life, every perspective. There is a choice or an opposite in everything. There must always be so. An up to every down, an in to every out, a blue to every red, a life for every death, a win for every loss... So for this reason we must accept and embrace those who stand opposite us. Without them you could not be and without you, they could not be.

There is and there must always be room for both. Stop arguing over who is right and instead find ways to live in harmony because you are both right, and you are both wrong... More simply put... you both ARE and that is enough.

No more division.

Unity -- Respect -- Honor

Working toward a common goal, the goal for each of us to follow our bliss and allowing those around us to follow theirs.

Not one of us is exactly alike. If we were identical in every way, we would be the same being, the same body, in the exact spot in every moment. Since we are not that, but each in our own place, each having a different perspective and experience, no matter how similar our conclusions -- thoughts -- beliefs -- memories --ideas, about every topic, they will be unique to us.

Embrace this diversity. It is our greatest gift to ourselves.

Let us use that in politics and religion and finance and social values and community standards. Remember that we are all blissfully unique and different and we would not... could not have it any other way.

Celebrate diversity and work together to allow diversity and live harmoniously. Share what you do not need or have extra of. Accept what you need or desire... Pay it forward to the next person always so that no one is ever left behind or without.

Bless every situation and accept every outcome. Stand up for your beliefs, and step aside to allow others their beliefs too.

We can live in Peace and Harmony, in Prosperity and in Love!!

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