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The Law of Attraction

I've been working with the Law of Attraction.

The law of attraction says that what you give your attention to, attracts unto itself. So if you think about things you desire then you are putting the universe to work for you and naturally and easily drawing that into your experience.

Now I'm excellent at this when it comes to small stuff, but when it comes to the big stuff (like attracting wealth for example) I'm not quite there yet. The problem is that you have to think of things that you want as if you rightly know and expect them to be there. If you think about what you want from the perspective of you want it because you need it or don't have it then it's the need or not having that you're actually drawing your way.

I remember once years ago my muffler pipe came loose from my car driving home and I was going to be stuck on an old country road for who knows how long if I couldn't find a way to hitch up that pipe. I clearly remember that summer day. I was standing at the rear of my car and looking up and down the road and I said to myself, "God wouldn't put me here if there wasn't a fix." And I really deeply believed this.

The moment I had that thought I looked into the ditch beside my car and there were a whole string of those little orange flags the utility guys use to mark underground pipes and stuff. I looked at them thinking I could use a couple to tie my pipe up and get home. Amazingly all but two of them were made of plastic and wouldn't have ever worked. But there were two steel ones and I plucked them from the ground, twisted them together and hoisted up my pipe!

Was it my belief that the solution would be there that made it so? Yes I believe so!

Our challenge then, is to visualize the world as we desire it to be and believe with all our being that it is obtainable. The moment you truly believe something is possible, it is.

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