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The Value of a Life

What is the value of one life? It's value is infinity. Our lives exist on several different levels. Certainly day to day it's about finding someone to love, feeling loved, looking good, feeling good, excelling at your work, but at the next level it's about experiencing yourself as the best version of you that you can be in all areas of living. At the next level above that, it's about knowing that you are all these things. On a religious level, it's about feeling separate from God and experiencing individual things, then opening your heart and letting God in... sharing your life with God, and finally seeing that God is in you and that you are a part of the everything and that God lives through you. In this respect, it's not what you get out of life that is important, it's what you put into it. When you take in your final breath of air and meet your maker, it's not going to be important how fancy your car or your house was, but it will be important what you gave to others, how you helped others, how you helped yourself. I believe the decisions you made in your lifetime will be replayed for you and you will experience them as you did then, but also you will experience your actions through all those they touched. You will truly know how your actions in life affected others. You will see which of your actions lifted people up and which ones pushed people down. Which were loving and which caused pain. Every moment you have a choice, every action you take has a consequence. I imagine someone is reading this and saying, "How can you prove these statements you've made to be true?" The answer is in your soul. Search your deepest feelings of right and wrong, of what is and you will see the truth is there for you also. Live your life not as a single being trying to get as much out of it as you can, but as a member of something greater than yourself trying to give as much back as you can. It is written that what you give to others is returned ten-fold. Try it out. Instead of taking something for yourself today, give something to others. Instantly you will receive the gift of feeling great about yourself, you will feel the gratitude of those you helped and over time you will reap the long term benefits of giving.... you will see your entire community become better, your family become happier, your life become richer. So much is to be gained by everyone when we put into our lives rather than take.

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