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You Cannot Have What You Want But You May Experience Whatever You Have

Let me say that again. You cannot have what you want, but you may experience whatever you have.

Our experiences in the world are created by thought, word and deed. What I mean is that what you think about something, what you write about something and what you do about something creates your ultimate experience of that thing. This all begins with your very first thought. That thought that starts with "I".

I want

I have

I am

I must

It is this first thought that begins the creation of your experience. Once you have a thought, the universe goes to work to bring the events and circumstances necessary to give you that experience. So when you say you want wealth... that is EXACTLY what you get. You get the experience of "WANTING wealth". Therefore you cannot have what you want, you can only have the experience of wanting it.

To look at the second half of that statement, one's response might be, "doh!" Of course you can experience whatever you have! Let's look at this a little deeper though. If you have a firm belief that something is within your grasp to have, you will have it and you will therefore be able to experience having it.

Let's make up an example: You have no orange juice in your house. You know that you have the means to obtain more juice, so your first thought is one of already having not one of wanting. You don't want more juice, you have whatever it takes to obtain more juice (money, transportation). In this way you have, by your first thought, created the experience you desired and you have made it possible to experience having orange juice because in your first thought you already had it.

All things in life work this way, though it is not always easy for us to remember this. True belief and knowing that you already have the item/feeling/experience (or the resources to obtain it) is your one and only way to consistently have the experiences you desire. So if there is something in your life that you truly desire, belief that you already have it is the one way to make it manifest in your experience.

You cannot fool yourself though. If you have a deep burning desire and are determined to have it, you will. If you have a deep knowing that you don't have it, can't get it, it won't work... then that too is what you will have. The first thought, the deep knowing and belief creates everything you see in your world.

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